Fabiano PS Portfolio

I am a developer, especialized in back-end and passionate for front-end state of art

Versed in Node.js, Ruby, MongoDB, SQL, jQuery, CSS, HTML5, SEO, UX

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wordpress blog

FoodTree Social

Innovative product for representing Food Brands in Facebook, both retailers and producers

The app generates a fully customizable tab that embeds into the Business page

Facebook API Rails Play! Framework


Independent, user based, game review website.

Two man project, our focus is to create a better system to search and review games from several platforms.

Still developing

JavaScript Node.js jQuery MongoDB

Flockin Games

Extensive project aiming tracking player progress in training games

Involved projecting and implementing a Node.js progress tracker, also generating reports and providing administrative interface

Node.js ActionScript3 MySQL


Developed (along a group) under 48 hours for the game marathon Global Game Jam!

We used AS3 as programming language and Flixel as framework

Won regional awards for: innovative gameplay, fun. Second place for: audio, control, multiplayer and overall score

ActionScript3 flixel


Team of 3, an ambitious project aiming to create a F2P game where the player roleplayed the life of an ascending soccer player

The alpha had over 40 players, they spent an average of 3 min/day (browser mmo). The prototype is still up and running

Game Ruby on Rails Single Page Web App jQuery


Inspired by Jinni, this was an attempt to create a new, efficent game search engine!

This project motivated me to work with a partner at GameWiser

Working prototype!

Ruby on Rails MongoDB jQuery


Real-time costumer support service via website, much inspired by Olark, targeting Brazilian audience

The prototype is currently on, it lives as a proof-of-concept

Node.js Redis jQuery

Z5 - Gamedesign

A zombie survival game design

Kind of game where collecting evidences, roleplaying smart, and managing well a small group of survivors are key factors for victory (along a fair share of luck)


Javascript InMotion

A small HTML5 Canvas tween both editor and engine

This was a hobby project started at 2010, back then my JS code quality was low

The latest version is still up

Game Javascript


I am currently available for hire in Vancouver-BC

Working with social web, game industry, startups, transportation or robotics have a very strong appeal for me.

For work opportunities please send me an e-mail via:

Fabiano Pereira Soriani : 778-989-5464